We Are

Story of how we started ACCEL school

CONTEXT: In raising my 2 children, I found formal education left a gap in exploring their inner sensitivity, but music and art helped them to imagine differently. Then I read about how the personal unconventional efforts of Nobel Laureate Kenzaburo Oe from Japan in developing his invalid son gave an exceptionally positive experience to both the child and his family.  This fascinated me, and clinched my insight that children can reach another level of development through art and music.

PURPOSE: “Give me your child’s TV viewing time, and I will try to instill in her/him a hobby.” With these words I conceived the idea of a Centre of Liberal Arts to inject art and music in children. What started in my garage with 3 children in 2003 has blossomed into ACCEL Formal + Aspiration School today, combining hardcore education with music and art.

OBJECTIVE: To create an institution that builds confidence in children where, in their hardcore formal education, they can get some extra inspiration from music and art. As from age 3 onwards children understand music and art along with language and numbers, we lay a solid foundation for learning by offering an integrated solution after discussing ideas, problems and technicalities. ACCEL is a well established formal and inspirational school today with a unique structure. We have qualified faculty in language, music and art and visiting faculty from different countries. Children go through experiential learning through a qualified Montessori system that integrates music and art while blending Indian and Western concepts. Here the child at age 5 can read, write, add, and keep rhythm and play simple musical bells. A hobby could very well become an ambition; and an ambition a prestigious profession. That is our intent.

Founder's Message

Our key differentiation is embedding aspiration that explores and blends music and the arts, the inherent creativity of human beings, in the hardcore formal school syllabus.

Our country desperately requires competitive skills of global standard in every domain. We endeavour to implant skills in our students as per their motivation, right from childhood, so they can succeed exceptionally in future.

We have a stringent selection process to recruit our faculty. Our teachers are highly trained with competent international expertise which they use to motivate students and nurture their formal+aspiration skills.

Our students have been armed with an uplifted standard of values from our formal+aspiration school environment and education system, since 2003.

Sreela Deb

Founder & Principal