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Examples of how ACCEL extended program shapes the future skill of students


18 years. In 2019 Uma applied to Stanford University in the US by submitting her piano recordings, based on which she got admission. She intends to pursue music as one of her core subjects.


Background: Uma joined ACCEL extended program in piano 2015 to elevate her learning to fulfill her passion for music. She wants to express herself through a musical repertoire beyond piano instead of appearing for standard international music exams. She completed ACCEL Junior Diploma in Artistic Presentation in 3 years.


17 years. Sannivas achieved distinction in piano playing and theory from the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music, London through Grades 5 to 8.


Sannivas joined ACCEL extended program in 2015 with basic piano playing. He is currently doing the ACCEL Junior Diploma in Western Classical Music. A topper across the world in Maths in IGCSE, Sannivas has taken music as one of his electives in school. ACCEL is now preparing him for admission to the Columbia-Juilliard program in the US in 2021.


14 years. Shinjon was chosen to take part in the International Young Chopin Competition in Switzerland; he was the youngest selected in the 14 to 17 years category.


Background: Shinjon joined ACCEL extended program when he was 6 years old. He has now completed Grade 7 ABRSM exam with high marks and is getting ready for his future program in the ACCEL Junior Diploma in Western Classical Music as well international competitions and masterclasses.


17 years. Krishna stood first across India in IGCSE for Music, an elective he has pursued at his school.


Krishna joined ACCEL extended program in 2010 to learn the keyboard. In 2014 he switched to learning the piano. He has completed Grade 8 of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) exam for piano with very high marks.


16 years. Rohan has completed the Grade 7 ABRSM exam with highest distinction in Karnataka region.


Rohan started learning the piano at ACCEL extended program in 2012. He is himself a musical character with in-depth knowledge of every aspect of music in the world. He is now preparing for his Junior Diploma in Western Classical Music at ACCEL.