Application forms for admission will be published on the school website which will have a clearly detailed admission process explained. Registrations for admissions can be undertaken by emailing the admissions office. To be eligible for admission into the first standard in June 2023, the applicant must be born between September 1, 2016 and August 31, 2017. Applications for the 2023-24 session will be processed and admissions completed on or before May 20, 2023.

The school follows the Indian academic year with the session beginning April 1 and closing for summer on April 15 th to May 28th.

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Admission Procedure:


  • Full Time program Pre Primary:

    • Year 0 Age 2.5 – 3 Yrs. = Rs. 87000
    • Year 1 Age 3 – 4 yrs. = Rs.  122325  per annum Tuition fees + 11,000 Annual charges.  
    • Year 2 Age 4 – 5 yrs = Rs.  127050   per annum Tuition fees + Rs. 11,000 Annual Charges 
    • Year 3 Age 5 – 6 yrs = Rs.  127050    per annum Tuition fees + Rs. 11,000 Annual Charges 

    Full time program Lower Elementary: 

    • Std. I and II  Age 6+ = Rs  134400   per annum Tuition fees + Rs. 12,000 Annual Charges 

    Full Time program Upper Elementary: 

    • Std. III , IV & V Age 8+ = Rs  182700   per annum Tuition fees + Rs. 13,000 Annual Charges 
    • Std. VI Age 11+ = Rs.  210000  per annum Tuition fees + Rs. 14,000 Annual Charges 

    Full Time program High School:

    • Std. VII – VIII  Age 12+ =  Rs.  210000  per annum Tuition fees + Rs. 14,000 Annual Charges  

    Full Time program for Students who need Special Support from age groups from 5.6 yrs. onwards.

    • All age groups = Rs 250,000 per annum

    There will be Rs. 20000 Admission fee for new admission

ACCEL formal + aspiration school has a curriculum for its elementary school students that is designed to acquaint them with both Eastern and Western culture and methods of study. ACCEL students study Indian languages, namely Kannada and Hindi, but can also study European and East Asian languages. Students are tutored in Western classical music as well as Indian dance and Indian classical music. Class sizes are generally small with roughly fifteen students per class room. ACCEL has received recognition for the excellence of its faculty of the music and the arts which has helped high school students achieve exceptional scores through the music and arts excellence. 

Conceptualised by the education trust of Aamod Centre of Liberal Arts , ACCEL FPAS  is  led by well-known resident of Whitefield Mrs Sreela Deb and the internationally reputed artist Mr Shombit Sengupta and the famous Japanese educationist Takafumi Mori , who over the past 15  years have changed the conventional norms of teaching, putting in place an integrated system of learning with music and the arts. ACCEL has a music and arts school affiliated within for that purpose. Sri  Prakash and Shalini Reddy ‘s property leased out to ACCEL has been the best that could have happened  to ACCEL for it to grow with style and substance. 

The school’s mission is to offer its students a global education delivered by internationally trained faculty and equip them with necessary skill sets to transform them into confident innovators.

Full time courses:  From 2.5 years to 12 years. 
Extended courses in music and art: From age 4 to 18 and also for adults.

Full time courses: Karnataka State Education Board Public along with ACCEL Montessori. Application for the International board, Pearson Edexcel , is under process.

Music and art:

 International level exams in Music under the Trinity Guildhall, London, and the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music, London.
– National level Art exams under the Karnataka State Education Board
– National level Dance and Music exams under Prayag Samiti of Allahabad
– ACCEL Junior Diploma and ACCEL Senior Diploma in Artistic Research or in Artistic Presentation
– ACCEL Certificate courses in Music and Art Foundation program

6 year timeline from age 4 to age 9: This is grammatical learning timeline on how to play music by spending time on practice, and practicing with passion for music

After 8 years of learning music: Timeline to know, understand, apply, analyze, synthesize, evaluate and interpret music in their own style after: This depends on individual merit and on spending time in the musical environment .

Traditional dance Kathak which has rhythm, is dynamic and has freedom of expression.

We recruit faculty with a stringent selection process to ensure they are highly trained in their core areas of competence and have high international expertise caliber to motivate students

To keep ourselves very specialized as a formal and aspiration school, we operate from only one school.

Karnataka State Education Board Public along with ACCEL Montessori. Application for the International board, Pearson Edexcel , is under process.

The schooling hours are as per the age of the student, eg. 3 years 3 hours, 4 years 4 hours and so on. For 6-year-old students and above, schooling os for 6 hours.. The 6 hour work cycle has 4 hours of all subjects except music and art and 2 hours of music and art education everyday.

Admissions Open
Pre-primary to Grade VIII