The new approach to keep the Education ongoing in tune with the Sensitive periods of the Children

As a result of the pandemic, we had to create a new approach to deliver our methodology online. We have designed the new approach and ensured we follow the curriculum that would have been covered in school otherwise. Early childhood learning is key and lays the foundation for future education. As we approach the end of this academic year, we have been able to move from abstract to concrete as a result of interactive, live, online, individual and group sessions. Both mixed age and same age group classes were made possible with our online schedule.
We ensured the home environment was in line with the school environment in the school time. Separate child friendly workspaces were requested to be set up at home by parents to support the children to exercise their Freedom of Choice and independently work with a strong Sense of Order. We guided the children to maintain their internal and external order by making a set schedule and providing support to children to work on their own, consistently. Some of the students were able to work with their older siblings, which helped them in participating in their own online classes.

The materials used by the children were made in-house. Adults were innovative in upcycling and helped make these materials. Repetition was made possible with the materials available at home.

Most of the above could be followed at home as we would have done in school, with parental assistance. As classes were attended from home, parents learnt to make regular
and meaningful class observations. This has helped in making the abstract Montessori
principles concrete for the parents to follow Montessori at home, effortlessly. The observations have been successfully carried out without special arrangements. Frequent and
Customised Parent Teacher Engagements were arranged for developmental understanding.

Our initiative to consult with eminent and experienced Montessory trainer, Sunitha Subramaniam, made our transition to this new approach seamless and exactly in line with
the principles. Special Parent Awareness Sessions with her have empowered parents to
carry on activities at home and with meaningful observations, have ensured age-appropriate development of children.
This new approach has resulted in the Adults in the school and the Parents to form a
team. In the upcoming months, we look forward to a very harmonious approach of
Recap and Reinforcement of the concepts learnt by the children so far.

Admissions Open
Pre-primary to Grade VIII