Unlocking inner talent

Formal + aspiration school that unlocks the inner talent, dormant in every child, and caringly nurtures its students to flourish in their chosen domains.

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Pre-primary to Grade VIII

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Full time integrated courses

Montessori Pre-primary
3 to 5 yrs (Montessori 1, 2 & 3)

Integrated with music and fine arts of high skill and imagination

Montessori Primary 6 to 8 yrs
(Grades 1, 2 & 3)

Integrated with music and fine arts of high skill and imagination

Formal Elementary 9 to 12 yrs
(Grades 4, 5, 6 & 7)

Integrated with music and fine arts of high skill and imagination

Formal High School 13 to 16 yrs
(Grades 8, 9 & 10)

Advanced-level electives in music and fine arts.

Founder's Message

Our key differentiation is embedding aspiration that explores and blends music and the arts, the inherent creativity of human beings, in the hardcore formal school syllabus.

We have a stringent selection process to recruit our faculty. Our teachers are highly trained with competent international expertise which they use to motivate students and nurture their formal+aspiration skills.

Our students have been armed with an uplifted standard of values fromour formal+aspiration school environment and education system, since 2003.

Sreela Deb

Founder & Principal

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Exclusive Music, Dance & Fine Arts Courses

ACCEL Baal Vikas
for 4 to 10 yrs

(After-school Certificate Program)

ACCEL Intermediate
for 11 to 13 yrs

(After-school Certificate Program)

ACCEL Junior Diploma
in Artistic Research

Artistic Presentation for 14 yrs to 18 yrs


A school from where kids hesitate to return home, that’s ACCEL! Freedom of expression is a principle adapted here; every child has a say. Our son and daughter enjoy schooling where music, dance and art are integrated. Assessment is done with utmost detailing in a holistic manner.
Mother of Gurusaran, Std. 2 and Monica in Pre-primary
We have clearly noticed the positive evolution of Devdutt’s character in his 4 years at ACCEL. He has learnt different aspects of life, not just subjects prescribed in textbooks. The care and attention students receive here make them confident and compassionate with people they mingle with.
Mother of Devdutt Menon, Std. 1
ACCEL’s unique environment has multi-faced streams of learning enhanced by creative and innovative outlets. With wonderful opportunities spread out to tiny tots, we are observing all-round development of our child, Shreya.
Abhijeet and Sonia
Parents of Shreya, Pre-primary